Schulz Coaching Philosophy

Over 15 years ago, Marc founded Schulz Coaching with a mission to deliver elite, academy-style coaching to grassroots players in Leicestershire, aiming to nurture the next generation of talent. The pathway begins with McDonald's Fun Football, an inclusive level open to all, laying the foundation for a love of the game in a supportive environment. Progressing to the Minis, young beginners are introduced to basic skills, fostering early passion and foundational knowledge. The Development stage then offers more advanced coaching for eager youngsters, balancing skill enhancement with the high-pressure, high-support environment intrinsic to Schulz Coaching’s philosophy. For older, more advanced players, the Academy level intensifies the training, focusing on technical skills, tactical awareness, and personal growth within a disciplined framework. Culminating in the Elite stage, this pinnacle program grooms players for professional or semi-professional levels, embodying the intensity and complexity of elite football. Throughout each stage, the coaches, with their rich playing and coaching backgrounds, consistently project Schulz Coaching's philosophy, ensuring a high-quality, transformative football experience for every participant.


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