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At Schulz Coaching, we believe in nurturing talent and fostering a love for football in every young player, especially girls who aspire to shine on the field. Our "Girls Only" section is dedicated to empowering young female athletes, providing them with an environment where they can thrive, learn, and grow with confidence. Our experienced coaches, many of whom have played professionally, understand the unique needs of young female players and are committed to creating a supportive, inclusive, and challenging training environment.

Our programs are designed not just to enhance football skills but also to build teamwork, confidence, and a strong sporting spirit among our female players. From technical drills to strategic game play, every aspect of our training is tailored to help our girls become well-rounded athletes. Our "Girls Only" sessions include age-appropriate training, focusing on both the fundamentals and advanced techniques of football, ensuring that each player, regardless of her skill level, finds a place to shine. Join us at Schulz Coaching, where we're not just developing great players, we're shaping the future of women's football.


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